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the best team ever. patrick ewing, the messiah, once played for this team. n-y-k all the way. knicks in six. will eventually win 25 championships in a row and become the winningest team in history.
you know why the knicks are great?
because patrick ewing is god.
by chuck d February 05, 2005
the best basketball player ever. wore the number 33, went to georgetown, was drafted by the knicks, stayed in new york for like 20 years, will soon be in the hall of fame, and currently is an assistant coach on the houston rockets, where he taught yao ming how to play basketball.
yo you see that game the other night when ewing dropped 60 points, grabbed 25 boards, had 15 blocks, and threw it down in jordans face?
by chuck d February 04, 2005
A jubilent phrase which gets shouted from a moving vehicle at pedestrians.
"HEY!" (pedestrian looks)
by CHUCK D March 18, 2005
1. A state of euphoria when you can no longer think straight or act accordingly. to be used in phrases similar to "gellin"
chuck d: yo meng i'm pretty dupid how bout you?
bitch niggas: yea man we're pretty dupid too after that last L.
by CHUCK D September 24, 2004
one who keeps the poon running away
Cockblocker Duztin has a keen ability to drive the women away
by chuck d March 28, 2003
an action in which you take trash and other messy upon impact items (ie. bbq sauce, mustard...etc) put them in a container or open bag and from a moving vehicle throw said container at a pedestrian.
(throw container)
(hit pedestrian)
by CHUCK D March 18, 2005
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