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5 definitions by chryan kozagee

it is a magical flute given to every man from god u should practice the flute 5 - 7 times and week or u can have ur gf play it for you
commander carl has no skin flute
by chryan kozagee December 02, 2004
44 62
a word in that has come to mean gay and is WAY THE FUCK overused.
Stop calling people Queers, its so damn old, its annoying now!!
by chryan kozagee November 30, 2004
27 68
Tolu Massive Penis!!!!!!!
Mike: hey shane look its tmp
Shane: wats a tmp?
Isiash: I love TMP
Mike: Dammit R. kelly
Shane: OOO tolu man penis
Tolu: not funny guys
everyone HAHAHAHAH
by chryan kozagee November 29, 2004
5 48
T olu's
M assive
P enis

The part of Tolu that comes out and makes her a big bitch who never shuts up.

**origin of Mike and Shane
When Tolu acts like a stuck up bitch and never shuts up her TMP is showing.
by chryan kozagee November 29, 2004
7 54
What Tolu (aka tmp) will say in her deep manly voice to woo Don over. Also uses steak.
Tolu: Hey Don, DATE ME cutie.
Don: EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
by chryan kozagee December 01, 2004
4 71