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Tolu is a beautiful, funny and charismatic girl who originates from Nigeria. She is kind, smart and very intelligent and is extremely friendly. Those who know Tolu would agree that she is the most generous and easy to talk to person in the world. Everyone loves Tolu.
Tolu likes to slap bees
No, tolu wouldn't hurt a fly!
by foxy lady123456789 March 02, 2013
Tolu is a very pretty, intelligent, gorgeous, cute girl with a big ass. she is mostly quiet at first meeting, she's a little bit on the shy side. she shows a tough exterior at times but deep down she's really soft. big music lover. she is funny and makes weird faces that make people around her laugh. Tolu is an amazing person once you get to know her.
person 1: who's that pretty girl?
person 2: must be a tolu, she's so loved
by suhgr October 17, 2013
'Tolu' is unisex, post colonial /modern Yoruba, (Nigeria) name, which means 'To God...' as it is often a short form of a longer name. For example 'Toluwalope' (To God be the Thanks), 'Toluwanimi'( I belong to God), 'Toluwalade' (The crown belongs to God) e.t.c.

Usually, people call Tolu are intelligent and goodlooking.
Hello! My name is Tolulope, but you can call me 'Tolu'
by Uloteop April 30, 2016
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