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when her boobs are so big and saggy, they can be manipulated in a seated position by bouncing them off of her knees perhaps by her knees.
See that bitch sitting over there? I wish she would stop tapping her foot because her knee puppets are flopping around like a fish out of water.
#knee #puppets #tits #boobs #saggy #old
by christpanda August 26, 2011
1. a lonely turd that was neglected and not flushed down the toilet.

2. a substandard sandwich, hoagie, sub or grinder usually purchased at a gas station or vending machine.
1. That shame loaf might have a little bit of blood in it.

2. That shame loa might have a little bit of blood on the wrapper. Oh, thats just motor oil.
#shame #shit #floater #poop #sandwich #sub #hoagie #grinder
by christpanda August 07, 2011
a very late, drunk'n trip to get fastfood
Dude, I woke up on the couch with wrapers and dried-up cheese all over my lap. I don't even remember going on a shame run.
#shame #fastfood #drunk #munchies #blackout
by christpanda August 07, 2011
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