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47 definitions by christophorus

another term to call a person that is gay or likes the same sex
wow man check out that straight-hater over there with his boyfriend, that is messed up
by christophorus September 04, 2010
sweet + bitch
-a girl that is a sweet bitch, basically bipolar, she can be a bitch one minute and a sweetheart the next
wow that girl is such a sweeitch!
by christophorus September 06, 2010
a term used to describe something rediculously smooth
wow i tried the gillette fusion for the first time and my face feels smoothazing !!
by christophorus September 06, 2010
another word for dumb ass...ignorant + ass = ignorass
wow that guy is such an ignorass
by christophorus September 08, 2010
shitting in a floured tortilla, mixing it with beef and veggies, sticking it in the microwave, and serving it to a customer
A- remember that bitch customer that always comes in at lunch hour

B- yea what about her?

A- i totally gave her the crap wrap today

B- hahaha nice bro !
by christophorus August 04, 2011
ejaculating into a shot glass of vodka then making your woman do a shot
i made my woman do a white tadpole last night
by christophorus August 04, 2011
when a man can no longer get a boner
i heard that guy is boner busted
by christophorus August 04, 2011