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(pronoun) a state of being where a male has forfeited his rights, belongings, and testicles to a female that controls his livelyhood.
That girl owns him, he is soo pussy wipped.
by Chris Smith October 04, 2003
South West Atlanta Too Strong
Local ATL rappers - "headed down to swats and campbellton road to flip my brick"
by chris smith December 31, 2003
To Masturbate, jerk off, milkin the 1 eyed snake
See you later guys im going to go throw a beat.
by Chris smith November 27, 2003
You are doing one of three things while driving

1. slangin dope on the block real hard
2. thumpin music out tha trunk
3. just lookin or actin cool as you ride through tha hood
"Beatin down tha block in my 89' chevy"
by chris smith December 31, 2003
another way of sayin "fall off"

i.e. in the "game" or life
"he done fucked up dat nigga shootin bags"
by chris smith December 31, 2003
To do a male or female up the anul
im bored of normal sex, i might do wooding to jane tonight
by chris smith March 10, 2003
this beautiful women maybe dityz at times, but is a good singer with a lot of talent. shes not the dumbest blonde in in the world...she just doesnt think things all the way through before she talks, which all of us do at times. everyone just needs to leave her alone for being herself and stop making fun of her because shes "a dumb blonde". jessica simpson has a lot of good quailties and should be recognized for them. stop calling jessica simpson a "dumb blonde bitch"! shes not as dumb as she may apear to be, and she is a powerful role model for youn girls!
jessica simpson is not a dumb blonde! she is a beautiful person with a lot of talent.
by chris smith July 15, 2004
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