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mental schweaties, who fink they are METAAAAAAAAALLLL, (not to put down any proper goths) just the little kiddies who know nothing :D
3ft2 kid... look at my fishnets, theyre so goffik
by chris lewis/ seamus bradd July 22, 2003
mythical number reffering to a ridiculous quantity of any given item
there's quillions of cheeseburgers in them there hills...
by chris lewis/ seamus bradd July 16, 2003
anything relating to the scrotum
"fuck i have a scrotumnal itch!!!!!"
by chris lewis/ seamus bradd October 09, 2003
Anything considered fantastic or outstanding whist in the presence of the man himself... Shepp (chris o'brien)
"damn straight seamus, that was shepptastic"
by chris lewis/ seamus bradd October 02, 2003
A form of madness due to lack of, or over-consumption, of beer.
" Man if i dont have any beer, im gonna go beerzerk tonight"
by chris lewis/ seamus bradd September 25, 2003
Wide-ranging genre of music originating from the late 80's and includes everything from happy hardcore to industrial to breakbeat. Techno does not "suck dick" as many here say. In fact what many people say is much better music (rap and metal, for instance) would not exist in the same form they do now if it was not for the fact that techno was invented, and all the techno-influenced instruments that followed.
Techno is often misconstrued purely as the degenerate "doof-doof" garbage put out by producers during the mid-90's. In actual fact, most decent techno, and its more lyrical offshoot EBM has many variations during a song and a set theme. Just most of you assholes are too up yourselves to hear any of it.
Also, whoever says Moby is techno because their master Eminem happens to say so needs to get a slap. Moby is in fact, electronica, which is completely different.
*catches breath*
by Chris Lewis/ Seamus Bradd September 21, 2003
A group of boys... of the gay variety who go to jewel and esk valley college, all of which have a stupid fucking white shitty bird-shite like streak of dye down their hair in a sqiunt fashion... one day there shall be a battle of quillionic proportions between them and the "Z-Men"
"hey Ped, check those schkunky bastards out, what a mess, good ol' cock jockeys them eh??"
by chris lewis/ seamus bradd September 25, 2003

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