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6 definitions by chris carter

to be miserable or one who is miserble.
-That chick is so miz.
-Girlfriends can be miz
-Don't be miz!
by Chris Carter January 28, 2005
115 37
1. a girl bummer is a guy who always seems overly friendly and accommodating to women. He gives the impression of being the friendliest guy in the world but actually is trying it on with every girl in sight in the most underhanded of ways. He is usually despised by his peers for this behavior due to the great amount of attention he recieves from girls who just think he's a friendly guy. Under his warm exterior lies the heart of sleaze monster.

2. The other kind of girl bummer or GB really is a nice guy but is so accomodating to every woman that any manhood he had shrivels and dies.
Girl 1:"hey tom's here!!"
The Girls:"HEY TOM!!!"
Tom:"Hello ladies how are you?"
The guys:"Girl bummer!! Your a fucking GB go home!!

GB!! GB!! GB!! GB!! GB!! GB!! GB!!
by chris carter September 06, 2004
39 6
Is exclaimed when a favourable event occurs, be it the success in an endevour or a humourous observation.
Fucking let it rain!!!!!! Choke on it YOU MOTHER!!!
by chris carter September 06, 2004
77 54
The forerunner of fun sized chocolate bars.
Here Son, a bag of 40 dissapionting sized chocolate bars to hand out to your friends at your birthday party.
by chris carter September 09, 2004
8 5
a darkout is a person who misteriously decides not to participtate in an event. They can only manage to provide justification in the form of such responses as "i don't feel like it" or "i can't be bothered". It has been found that darkouts are often a result of the subject harbouring agendas that they fear would induce ridicule.
For fucks sake, don't darkout on us again

tom's darked out on us again! he's ditched us to go with his girlfriend to see the corrs. what a fucking girl bummer!
by chris carter September 06, 2004
5 4
a person acieves the status of darkout when they refuse to go out on an evening when all theyre friends are going out and they have no real excuse
don't be a darkout

Tom is such a fucking darkout since he discovered masturbation
by chris carter September 05, 2004
5 4