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time spent on-line on the www, or on a computer game or computer activity; time experienced subjectively while on line that feels short, but has been much longer in real time
1. in e-time it seemed like I'd been online for 5 minutes, when in real time six hours had passed

2. I spent 2 hours e-time in this beautiful electraglade I stumbled upon.
by chris firth August 14, 2006
a digital space where a browser or surfer finds something interesting or pleasant, and dwells there quite some e-time, and comes away feeling refreshed or relaxed. Like spending an hour in a quiet forest glade, but in a virtual environment.
1. I came across this really sweet artist's electraglade while browsing on the web last night - I spent hours just looking at the amazing pictures there.

2. Mum: Come on out from that electraglade - your supper's ready.
Kid: coming (click) ...aah. That place was mint.
by chris firth August 14, 2006
the country experienced by inhabitants of England (UK)who feel sidelined or marginalised by the norms, constraints and political controls imposed by the ruling government or over-heavy bueracratic system; the inner experience people in England (or any other country) who experience a sensation of anger and frustration inflicted by their nation's prevalent cultural status.
I live in Angerland, where I'm not even allowed to demonstrate my opposition to this government.
by chris firth August 13, 2006
An awkward, bumbling bloke who hasn't quite yet decided whether he is a goth or a chav. He wears goth t-shirts, but has a dodgy hairstyle - half cropped half spiked - and secretly wears trainers at home!
Although he loves Buahaha, he can't resist sneaking in the odd DJ Sweetie track on his white i-pod.
Mum: Are you going out tonight, love?

Chavigoth: Yeah. I mean, yah!

Mum: Where will you be going, sweetie.

Chavigoth: Maccy D's. I mean, the Death Midnight Club!
by chris firth September 15, 2006
A tranquil time of being blasted, blitzed, drunk, stoned or tripped out without any negative awareness of external social, political or moral intrusions. No bad vibes intrude into the space hour mood. It need not be an actual hour of real time - it could be a few minutes euphoria on crack or metaamphets., or a whole life time just spliffed out from dusk till dawn in front of Nature, a TV or games console.
1. Nothing gets me in my space hour, baby.

2. Traveller: How long have you been sitting here wasted beneath this tree?

Bhuddist Hippy: Oh, all my life. Just a space hour, man.
by chris firth September 12, 2006
A public washhouse, ie washeteria, where goths without washing machines at home go to wash their clothes.
Gothdrettes only have 'dark wash' facilities, and are open from 11.55pm to 4.55am.

Lady Goth: Phew! You smell slightly. Too much petulia!

Smelly Man Goth: Yeah, I know. Sorry. I'm putting all my gear into a bin bag and going to the gotheteria at midnight.

Lay Goth: You putting in your boots??!!

Smelly Man Goth: Don't get dark. No one puts their heels in the gotheteria machines. They come out like death warmed up!
by chris firth September 16, 2006
Easy, no trouble, no stress, simple as can be.
Derived in Yorkshire from the kid slang: easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Ie Lemon pip (seed) - pipsicale - pipsy. Currently in use with 11\12 year olds, who claim its old coinage, at least 2 years old.
Teacher: You can now begin the test. Turn over your papers.

(A pause of vocal silence and paper rustling, followed by the sniff of the precosious kid at the front)

Precosious kid: This test is pipsy. I'll get 100 per cent.
by chris firth September 23, 2006
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