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9 definitions by chops

a sound made when when displeased but not surprised by a situation. preceeded by a large inhale then spoken in a slow quiet fasion whilst exhaling.
dude, did you pay the cable bill

no, I spent our money on coke and whores

by chops March 23, 2005
94 60
A term used to describe those who are part of the cult following of The Big Lebowski. Origins come from the film itself as well as the annual Lebowski Fest.
Does he do anything besides bowl and toke?

No, he's an achiever.
by chops March 23, 2005
34 9
Very cool, sweet etc.
That '69 Charger is totally dewdin'.
by Chops October 02, 2002
3 3
The insertion of objects into the male urethra or Japs' Eye in a (misguided) attempt to obtain pleasure.
::(from Antiques Roadshow BBC1 Sunday 12th May 2002)::
"here we have a magnificent example of a solid silver victorian frinking set in a beautifully inlaid mahogany and brass presentation case"
by Chops May 18, 2004
17 18
The aquisition of undergarments usually from a member of the opposite sex.

also: Necrosnurgia, as above however post mortem.
"Andrew, look at this fantastic red thong I just snerged from a girl on the dancefloor" - Deepak 16/5/4
by Chops May 18, 2004
10 18
Bum, ass, butt, dumper
Did you just see that chick's bucket?
by Chops October 02, 2002
13 28
The fear of Jews and Jehova witnesses.
Adrianne is a severe hotty... she also has a mad case of the heebie jeebies.
by Chops March 15, 2005
17 48