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a life saver when it comes to smoking marijuana
bong- $60, ounce of dro- $250, Lighter- $1, Munchies- $10, applying eyedrops before confronting parents- priceless.
by chodey paterson June 28, 2008
synominous to shithead and is used to describe a total, grade-A fucktard
Way to snort coke on my bed Darius, you fuckin shitad
by chodey paterson June 28, 2008
the original fuck jobs
Criss Angel could be comparable to the Manson Family
by chodey paterson June 28, 2008
commonly represented as an eight-legged fetus with two bung holes
dear 8 legged fetus, God of Marijuana, thank you for the bountiful bud we are bout to smoke tonight, may your wisdom light our smokey path to enlightenment. aaaaaaaaaaa-marijuanaaaaa
by chodey paterson June 28, 2008

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