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a friend who is like a sister, and may be a member of your framily!
they became fristers when they siblings started dating. they were part of the framily

they were like fristers after a short time as they got on as well as sisters
by Chloeoc August 11, 2008
mailtertainment - emails that provide entertainment. emails that make you laugh and brighten up your day/inbox!
Not SPAM or Chain Mails. Emails from real people you know.
that email was pure mailtertainment.
by chloeoc July 23, 2008
Paranoid but correct
She was completely caranoid about the fact that Jim was following her.

They were caranoid that their emails were being monitored at work.
by Chloeoc July 21, 2008
When members of your sibling's boyfriend/girlfriend's family become close friends. They are not your siblings inlaws yet and may never be. You will always consider them FRAMILY.
My new Framily are like sisters but not related to me at all.
by chloeoc July 21, 2008
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