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when friends become like family, they're framily. closer than close, they may know you better than your own family.
"we're framily, all 9 of us."
by Sarika N. January 30, 2007
n. Friends or blood relatives to whom we would actually choose to be related, because the relationship is mutually respectful, close, supporting and affectionate. The favorite people in our lives we would include in our family, whether they are blood-related or not, typically because we love them.
Gilda thought, "Why don't I invite the entire framily?," and made labels that included her best friends Tanya and CeeCee from school, her parents, her brothers, and Vicky from next door - they had become very close since Vicky first offered to watch the dog when Gilda went to Texas.
by nolana plume February 09, 2009
A member of your circle who is more than a friend but not a blood relative. Combining the words friend and family. Someone very significant in your life not in your family. Joined by hearts and souls, not bloodlines.
Linda Smith, John Jones, Sam and Jane Doe are all people I have met over the years. We spend holidays together, take care of each other's families when necessary. Our Framily reunion each year rotates between houses.
by Luanne Cali January 26, 2008
When members of your sibling's boyfriend/girlfriend's family become close friends. They are not your siblings inlaws yet and may never be. You will always consider them FRAMILY.
My new Framily are like sisters but not related to me at all.
by chloeoc July 21, 2008
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