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(n.) The greatest thing a man could ever experience.
(n.) The most painful thing a man could ever experience.
I love my girlfriend.
Even when she rips out my heart.
by chickenfriedkitten November 19, 2005
(n.) An insulting term for a gay guy. (adj.) Large and flamboyant.
You are such a peter puffer you fag.
Wow, look at that peter puffer fag over there.
by ChickenFriedKitten November 26, 2004
What George W. does for a good time.
G Dub can snort a line like no ones business.
by ChickenFriedKitten June 16, 2004
Satchmo is the father of jazz. And the crazy uncle of hip hop.
Louis Armstrong is God.
by ChickenFriedKitten June 14, 2004
A soldier(or Marine, Sailor, et cetera) in the Army(or Navy, et cetera) assigned to menial tasks such as janitorial duty or landmine disposal.
Hey! Yardbird! Clean my boots! Damnit!
by ChickenFriedKitten June 14, 2004
(n.) The act of making cultural or ethnic items whiter than they should be.
The anglofication of rap gave the world Eminem.
by ChickenFriedKitten June 16, 2004
Basically being against abortions. More specifically a misplaced idealism pushed by Republicans with the idea that anything that can become a human is a human, and should have just as much rights. By this logic, every time George W. jizzes all over the oval office carpet he is killing millions.
It is also an excuse Republicans use to blow up stuff; blowing up stuff is just that fun I guess.

Barbara Bush should have had an abortion, instead of doing lines.
Under the veil of right to life that ass hole blew up an abortion clinic.
by ChickenFriedKitten June 16, 2004
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