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someone who is really hot
He is a nathen.
by Chica June 15, 2003
Brownies made with marijuana aka Jamaican Brownies
The Rastafarian exchange student brought some hash brownies to class. It was a good day.
by chica June 28, 2004
The motion of the hands when belaying so that one hand is always ready to brake
Why don't you doggy walk so that you don't drop that guy up there?
by chica February 03, 2005
hot, sexy, well put-together; usually used to refer to a person's general appearance
Damn girl you lookin smat today!
by chica January 12, 2005
adj. or n. 1.) description of hair style frequently worn by children of african descent, usually adorned with multiple barrettes or hair elastics, also known as washington squares; 2.) any person wearing such a hair style
Damn, look at that checkerhead....
by chica December 21, 2002
Any no driving asshole from the state of Massachusetts.Identifiable by Massachusetts licence plates on the vehicle
Look at that Masshole!! Turning right, with no signal light, from the left hand traffic lane...
by chica December 21, 2002
a girl who is taken by someone who really loves her.
back off biznitches, snitchy is mine!
by Chica April 06, 2005
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