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a person who keeps contained and quiet, also keeps things to themselves.

and once they decide to open up and talk... all they do is be a bitch

thus clam bitch
guy 1: dude i havent heard chelsea say anything in months

guy 2: yeah i know bro, shes a clam bitch. one minute shes quiet the next shes a bitch
by chex March 16, 2008
a hardcore dance that includes movement of he arms in rotational circles and large high steps. rather slow but significant at rock concerts. to give the impression of steppping on babies.
guy 1: dude did you see that guy stepping on babies at the fall of troy concert?

guy 2: yeah that guy was hardcore bro
by chex March 19, 2008
a hardcore wanna-be dance. mostly done by donald gouge. this dance includes standing in one place while your legs seem to be playing hacky sack (or foot bag) and your arms are flailing about your head reachiong up to pick strawberries. yes i know strawberries dont grow in the air.
guy 1: hey bro lets go hardcore dancing in the living room!!

guy2: okay but picking strawberries is totally un neccesary
by chex March 19, 2008
a word combining a kite (a flying toy object) a cunt (a bitch) and a dyke (a nasty lesbian)
hey annika, see that rachel girl? shes a fuckin kike!

yeah i know she never wears jeans and wont stop hitting on me
by chex March 05, 2008

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