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This is an onomatopoeia. It is the high pitched sound your car makes when you accelerate through at turn at too great a speed.
scrrrrrrrrrr (high pitched)
by Chester October 25, 2004
a clean ass hatchback
Johnny sure is driving a clean ass blue nutbucket
by chester April 20, 2004
marajuana,pot,way of greeting,
what to say when you are scared, embarassed or any other feeling
shibster-person of shibby
lets go smoke shibby
you tapped her, SHIBBY MAN!
lets go Shibby
cya, shibby
by Chester May 11, 2003
this is the act of going down on a dead chick.
I saw her cold lifeless corpse and knew it was time to receive my blue wings.
by chester August 06, 2003
A chick or lady friend that is on her period.
Nah, i didnt bang her, she was on the blob. AIIIIII
by Chester March 07, 2005
A state once achieved by Lucious the Great. It requires tripping on acid, then slowly drinking a half a case of beer over the course of the evening, then smoking a lot of pot. It usually produces a facial expression resembling near-death or being under the influence of strong anesthetics.
That kid is mangled... he should probably go to sleep before he hurts himself...
by chester January 29, 2004
A man whose penis is uncut per say!

Quite ugly too!
Alvi roles with a hooded wagon
by chester September 10, 2004
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