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3 definitions by cherrythunder

One who plunders other's buttholes. Steals, plunders, rapes, pillage, loot, etc. Often done in the quest for pleasure and/or brown gold.
"That Dude's a total butthole pirate."
by cherrythunder September 17, 2007
19 4
When you stick your big toe in a female's ass.
That bitch was so drunk, I gave her the chocolate toe.
by cherrythunder October 09, 2007
5 4
When ya shove that hoe down on tha bed, jump on her back and fart whilst screaming "HOVERCRAFT THAT HOE!!!!" as you float up off her back slightly.
I totally got her with the hovercraft that hoe! last night.
by cherrythunder November 30, 2007
8 10