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3 definitions by cheeseperson12

A website where you can post videos so people around the world to see them, but what used to be to be a great website has now become a breeding ground for trolls and spammers.

Home to:

1. Fangirls
2. People who debate on everything from marijuana to guns, religion, ect., usually on videos that involve none of those things.
3. Spammers
4. People who try to spite everyone who has an opinion.
1. crazyobsessedfangirl21: ZOMG!!! I LUV 1D!!! NIELL IZ SOOO HAWT!!!
verysmartuser73: I don’t care for these guys but this song is pretty catchy.
crazyobsessedfangirl21: ZOMG!!! FUK U!!! UR GUST JELLY CUZ DEY CAN SING AN R WAY HAWTR DAN U!!!
verysmartuser73: You’re the reason why fangirls shouldn’t exist.

2. politcalguy82: I believe marijuana should be legal.
debater99563: Banning guns violates the second amendment.
religiousperson6362: GOD EXISTS!!!!
verysmartuser73: Why is everyone debating on a cat video???

3. spammerwhore78234: check out this website out! <3<3<3<3<3
verysmartuser73: People like you are polluting YouTube.

4. verysmartuser73: Pretty good but I prefer other music over this.
stupididiot793001: shut up u justin beiber-listening faq.
verysmartuser73: That’s it. I have lost all hope for humanity.
by cheeseperson12 March 09, 2013
Elmo’s World is a segment on Sesame Street hosted by Elmo, an annoyingly high-pitched furry red monster who has the ability to communicate with fish. He owns magic crayons which he apparently has a fetish for.

Besides Teletubbies, Elmo’s World is inarguably the trippiest show ever. Everything in the house is alive, as well as the house itself is alive. Given the fact that every object you encounter has the potential to be a breathing, sentient being makes me wonder if Elmo has been using acid the entire time the program’s been aired. The show also features an annoying talking computer, as well as a television set that has channels for every topic imaginable. Elmo’s doorway is actually a portal that leads to numerous parallel dimensions. When you put all these factors together, Elmo’s World sounds more like a science fiction than a children’s program.

Elmo’s World also stars Mr. Noodle, a homeless man who lives just outside of Elmo’s house. He is featured on every episode, each with him performing certain duties and somehow managing to screw up every time (even the kids know what to do). Elmo’s World is one psychedelic show. It makes Barney look normal in comparison.
I watched Elmo's World when I had nothing else to do. Now I can't get that stupid theme song out of my head.
by cheeseperson12 March 07, 2013
The Teletubbies is a television show targeted towards infants. The program is designed to be educational, but I don’t see what’s so educational about it.

The series features these four creatures that go by the names of Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Yaa-Yaa, and Po. They live in Teletubby Land, a fictional turf inhabited by rabbits. Every morning, a nightmare-inducing baby sun extends over the horizon. If you look into its eyes, you will notice it staring into your soul. There are also windmills everywhere, so it’s pretty obvious the teletubbies rely on wind power as a source of electricity. The teletubbies live in a laboratory underneath a hill. Their diet consists mostly of toast and a pinkish semi-liquid known as "tubby custard". They are friends with a sentient vacuum cleaner that helps them clean up every time they make a mess or spill something. When they wake up, speakers emerge from outside their lab to greet them.
Teletubbies is one trippy show. Watch it at own risk.
by cheeseperson12 March 07, 2013