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A towel, typically stolen from a fashionable or expensive hotel, worn around the neck to mop up persiration and as a display of personal status.
Question: "Dutchy, where you get that hotel?"
Answer: "The Marriott."
Reply: "Noice!"
by cheddy October 05, 2004
To totally mess up or tweak in a painful way, usually while attempting a move one lacks the skills to successfully complete.

See dillet
"Nyaaaahahhh, you shackdackled your dillet!"
Response: "Shut up. It's not funny."
Reply: "Nyaaaahahhh"
(sound of a fist hitting flesh)
by cheddy October 05, 2004
A term used to represent a profoundly obtuse statement, or a statement that is evasive and attempts to hide the ineptitude and laziness of the original speaker. See asshat
Comment: "So right after I told him it was not ready, he asked me if it was ready yet. I told him I had just told him it wasn't ready only a minute earlier and he said he just wanted to make sure we were 'being proactive' or something like that"
Response: " Oh man, badeep!"
Reply: "Totally"
by cheddy October 05, 2004
The act of suddenly and viciously wiping out and stopping dead, with no skid or roll. To biff or suddenly and dramatically shackdackle in the attempted execution of a sporting manouver.
"That doesn't have way near enough speed."
Response: "Ohhhhhhhh...ska-dank!"
Reply: "That's gonna hurt"
by cheddy October 05, 2004
A noun used to refer to any one of several extremely sensitive parts of the body. Typically a part of the body most suceptible to shackdackling.
"Dooood, did you shackdackle your dillet?"
Response: "Nah, I ska-danked it."
Reply: "Woah"
by cheddy October 05, 2004

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