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a company that makes and distributes the SATs, SAT IIs, among other things. known for its tendency to force students and their parents to pay too much for a "standardized" test. works closely with colleges to bleed students and their families' bank accounts dry for their own benefits.
Student 1: Man, College Board is the devil incarnate.

Student 2: Tell me about it. I just bombed my SAT Math II subject test, even though I've taken every math class available up through AP Statistics. So... not only did I not get a good score, but I had to pay for it, and I'll have to pay to cancel it.

Student 1: That sucks.
by chazphenom August 01, 2009
the opposite of cosign. whereas to cosign is to agree or support someone or their actions, to nosign is to disagree with someone or frown upon their actions. this word can be used by itself in reply to something (example 1), as a noun (example 2), or as a verb (example 3).
Justin Bieber/Shawty Mane: speaking in tongues, yabababfreiufher...
Other Person: NOSIGN.

Kanye West: i replaced my whole set of bottom teeth with diamonds and gold.
Other Person: that gets a nosign from me.

Person: hey, Other Person! i just found out that Justin Bieber made a rap video under the name Shawty Mane, and that Kanye West replaced his whole set of bottom teeth with diamonds and gold.
Other Person: i refuse to cosign either of their bullshit. in fact, i'm going to go so far as to nosign their bullshit.
by chazphenom October 20, 2010
a phrase, often a twitter hashtag (#sourlemonface), used to indicate that something is good, ill, crazy, awesome, an excellent showcase of skill, etc. typically used in the context of praising rap lyricism. the phrase is derived from the scrunching-up of one's face in response to a particularly sick line/set of lines, reminiscent of a reaction to a bitter taste, such as that of a lemon.
@randomtwitteruser1: YO i just heard that new @Eminem song. #sourlemonface

@randomtwitteruser2: RT @randomtwitteruser1: YO i just heard that new @Eminem song. #sourlemonface
by chazphenom April 18, 2011
moonwalking, sliding, gliding, airwalking, etc., in Air Jordan shoes.
Impressed Bystander 1: "Did you see that? That guy just moonwalked in Jordans!"

Impressed Bystander 2: "He just took it to a whole new level. It's not just moonwalking anymore. It's called 'jaywalking.'"

Impressed Bystander 1: "Word."
by chazphenom August 07, 2010

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