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Justin Bieber's rap name. He sings a few rap songs that are not officially out on iTunes or anything. They are Omaha Mall, Dr. Bieber, and Speaking in Tongues. He's not trying to brand himself as a rapper at all, he's just having fun and showing people a different side of himself.
Shawty Mane, I think I caught Bieber Fever too!
by Dr. Biebs February 27, 2011
151 61
A name given to a celeb named Justin Bieber. From the song 'Speaking In Tongues"
Starting today, i'm gonna call Justin Bieber "Shawty Mane"!
by WhoAmIActually October 15, 2010
34 6
1. A very short person with very long hair (a "mane")
2. Slang for the sword of the French Medieval ruler Charlemagne, Son of Ho Chi Minh (informal)
3. A player who always goes for the shotgun in Halo
1. "Wassup, Shawty Mane?"
2. "Draw thine Shawty Mane and haveth at thee, feudal peasant!"
3. "I got the Shawty, Mane!"
by The Main Shawty November 06, 2010
48 22