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Someone whose personal self esteem is so low they need to:

a) amplify their importance (or lack thereof) by quoting their education after their names when demanding things they deem to be their right.

b) surround themselves with other persons of like ilk (other pretentious wankers) such as members of the insular academia class (see also just-another wanker)

c) confirm what a cunt they are
Letter received by court clerk regarding mediation:

"I was so insulted by the Mediator when she actually confirmed my ex husbands position and stated he had rights, in contradiction to my own confirmed opinion. (signed) E. ByGoomb Bsc Msc VD(with bar)"

Clerk of the court "Bloody hell. Another letter from the pretentious wanker, E. ByGoomb".
by Chaucer_had_it_coming February 01, 2010
An frivilous pursuit requiring only time and the ability to repeat things verbatim like a Parrot.

See Botany, Microbiology and Art.
Ernest Rutherford (1st Baron Rutherford of Nelson and known as the "father" of nuclear physics) was quoted as saying:

"Physics is the only real science. The rest are just stamp collecting."
by Chaucer_had_it_coming February 01, 2010
Geographically Embarrased:

Lost, bushed, disoriented, misplaced, all at sea, mispositioned
The officer took charge of the compass and the map, and via his officer training in navigation, soon the platoon geographically embarrased in the middle of the boonies.
by chaucer_had_it_coming March 31, 2010
The language most people resort to when inebriated beyond the point of bodilly control.
Mike: What did Jonno say jus then?

Geoff: Dunno. The pisshead is speaking left handed braille.
by Chaucer_had_it_coming February 02, 2010

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