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State of while under the influence of the ecstasy (3,4MDMA)where one feels like either their mind or entire body is having an orgasm and is almost impossible to control.
You look as is you're feeling really good....are you blowing up?
by charley January 18, 2005
frontin or lying
nigga shut yo cappin but up
by charley April 18, 2003
The Damned were the first British punk band to get a record out ("New Rose") thus beating the Sex Pistols; and record a full-length album (Damned Damned Damned), thus beating the Sex Pistols.
Definitely the best punk band, and probably the best band in the history of the world.
Started in 1976 and still going strong.

"And every night I'm there,
I break my heart to pleeeease

by Charley March 07, 2005
Spaztictacular > Spastic

Someone who is Spaztictacular is someone who is likley to have an ulcer within the next year due to the fact that they are so stressed out about things like work or school.
Dude, you are spaztictacular.
by Charley June 14, 2004
this is rather strange.. to all u ppl pikey is a townie.. but in norwich (damn straight) a pikey is like.. THE OPPOSITE! OH YES! a pikey in norwich is the same as a greb grebo mosher skater etc etc etc. cool non?
townie: im guna knife ya faaaaaace innit
pikey: shutup
townie: yeeee we out poikey bashin innit lads loike
pikey:fuck off you wanks
by charley May 16, 2004
a girl who wears a sock over there ponytail. its a look. i guess.
wow look at that sock head
by charley May 16, 2004
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