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BEER PONG is a popular drinking game in which the object of the game is to sink a ping-pong ball into all of the other teams cups before they get all of yours.

beerpong rules vary based on the "house rules" but the general rules (from a Bay Area point of view) are as follows:

1. Both teams of two sets up a pyramid of 10 18oz cups at the very end of the table and fill them with 3 cans of (cheap) beer. (4-3-2-1).

2. Each side picks one person to shoot for who goes first. The two players must keep eye contact for the first shot and not look at the cups while they shoot, and when someone makes it that cup is not drank, it only determines which team gets to shoot first.

3. Which ever team gets the "eye to eye" shot gets to shoot first, and both players take turn shooting. Their elbow must not cross the edge of the table when shooting.

4. If they make a shot, the other team drinks that cup.

5. If they bounce the ball into a cup the other team must drink two cups, but if when shooting a bounce shot the other team is allowed to swat the ball away before it sinks so you have to be sneaky.

6. If both players shoot the ball into the same cup the other team either has to drink 3 or 4 cups depending on house rules.

7. If both players make their shot, they get their balls back and get to shoot again. If a player makes 3 shots in a row they get to shoot until they miss.

8. If you miss your shot and the ball rolls back to your side you are allowed to turn around and shoot behind your back as an extra shot.

9. All trick shots (ex. off the wall) are worth 3 cups.

10. If someone knocks over one of their own cups or hits the ball before it bounces or hits a cup they must drink one of their own cups.

11. Each team is allowed 1 or 2 re-racks depending on house rules. A Re-rack is when the cups are all scattered and you can put them into a formation of your choice to make it easier to make.

12. After the last cup is made the other team gets one chace for redemption and each player gets to shoot again. If one or both make it they get to shoot til they miss. If by some miracle they make all the cups as well the game is a tie.

13. After a team wins with the last cup the losing team must drink all the cups remaining on the winning side that they did not make.

14. If a player doesnt make a single shot they have a punishment based on house rules. Typically they have to get naked or sit under the table for the next game.
I am the chamption at beer pong
by chamatpong April 24, 2009

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