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Very very crunk. Drunk or high, or anything in between.
I'm so fuckin' blasted.
by ch4drock December 02, 2006
A place where people hangout drink, smoke and have fun. A lot of vodka and beer is drank at these places and everyone gets hammered.
Shane's house is da pad.
by ch4drock December 01, 2006
It's whatcha do. The most balla shit you can do.
Q: Are you chaddin yet?
A: I'm chaddin all the time.
by ch4drock December 03, 2006
This is someone who kicks ass and they do what they want all the time.
Chad is a Super Master Ass Blaster, he does what he wants.
by ch4drock December 13, 2006
a religion that started from the word guch.
WHITE MALE:I am goochery now.
WHITE MALE2:I converted to goochery in prison.
WHITE MALE3: I need to get goochitized.
by ch4drock December 09, 2006
killing someone of a different color of skin. also, calling them a punk bitch.
JAPANESE GUY: I popped that cracka in his ass, and my gat fucked him up!
WHITE GUY: That sir, is what we whites call a 'hate crime'.
by ch4drock December 05, 2006
It defines how balla you are and you are a player. Like chadrock, cuz he is gangsta.
Chad Tipton has baller status.
by ch4drock November 30, 2006

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