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An amazing person who is amazing at CoD. Very smart, is a doctor, kind. Gives good advice. Basically, the most bad ass mother fucker out there.
swag blonde anime Tipton
by Buletproof July 01, 2013
A small, insignificant town/community where nothing good every happens. This town seems to have a curse upon it and once you're in, it's almost impossible to get out. It's population consists of gang bangers, wild dogs, cows, and the sad people in between.
If you ever want to get bit by a wild dog,, Tipton is the place for you.

"Hey, you hear about that shooting in Tipton last night?"

I counted a million cows in Tipton!
by Tiptanite January 13, 2015
An extremely gay faggot that looks like the clown from Spawn. Someone that closely resembles a choad. Power hungry. always thinks that his answer is right and that everyone else is wrong. Never will listen to advice given, even if that advice is more plausible than his own. a complete dousche bag.
Dude, you were really fuckin cool, then when you became the supervisor, you totally turned into a Tipton!
by Hunter Greats December 06, 2010
someone so dirty they always resemble Pigpen from Charlie Brown.
David just got out of the shower, but he still looks like a tipton.
by qwikstop July 10, 2008
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