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Simply the best music genre ever
Wow, classic rock...rocks
by cereal April 12, 2005
Heresy is from the Greek hairesis meaning, choose, and by extension in Theological terms, "doctrines of men who have chosen to follow their own views." In general, heresy is a self-chosen doctrine not emanating from God's word. Any doctrine or teaching which is contradictory to established Church doctrine based on the Holy Bible is called a heresy.
For example, Jesus being the Son of God is established Church doctrine based on the Bible. To forsake the word and choose to believe he is not, would be heresy! back
by cereal November 12, 2003
The one syndicate that will eventually take over the world
1.the greatest syndicate ever
by Cereal April 10, 2005
Leader of the famous Shadow Wulf Syndicate
1.co-leader, leader of the shadow wulf syndicate
by Cereal April 10, 2005
a lesbian
a woman who likes women
that lady is a flat out tile licker
by Cereal April 10, 2005
A very unbalanced shaman attack in WoW
haha i frost shocked u to death!
by Cereal April 11, 2005
Made up german word that might actually be german. Also pronouced the same as the actress. meaning lame, stupid, or kool depending on how you say it
Dood, dont be a fuckin dooshku.
aww man thats hella dooshku.
by Cereal April 10, 2005
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