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Some of the definitions on here are crack! A crappy performance in Ray?! the man captured Ray Charles perfectly and hello...Ray Charles HIMSELF approved of Jamie Foxx for the movie! That movie was deep,insightful,and amazing! I'd like to see any of ya'll be a blind man for 3 months on a movie set!! Also some of you should do a little research before you post things like "no one really knows why is he famous" because you have obviously not seen him on In Living Color season 5. But i will admit him and rnb just dont mix...unpredictable that it was so bad. very out of character for him. stick to acting and comedy, jamie.
in living color was my favorite. Jamie Foxx was amazin in Ray.
by Celest August 08, 2006
u got it all wrong, villanova got the best mens basketball team last year seeded 1st and 2nd throughout the last two years. foye, nardi, sheridan, lowry, sumpter, ray, dats wut its all about. dats wat nova's famous for.
villanova university has heart.
by Celest January 15, 2007
One of tha top 3 greatest rappers to ever set foot on this earth, which includes jay-z, n yea im gonna say it, 2pac. Not opinion, fact. n e one who doesnt think that kan go n fuck dem selves.
Smart person: u ever heard Notorious B.I.G.? He's the greatist in tha history of rap.
ignorant punk ass bitch: Yea i heard that fat ass wanna b he aint no legand 2pac kan woop his ass lyrically.
by Celest September 09, 2006
Don Haskins is the greatist college basketball coach there ever was. He didnt think black, white, latino, native american, asian, male, or femal he just thought players. He treated all his players the same way thats why he was the first coach ever to put in five black starters in a 1966 championship game agianst Kentucky not only to put them in but to win the game. His team was Texas Western College (TWC)and nobody expected this little no-name college from El Paso to win the whole thing. Many call him couragess and a pioneer in racial history but he claims he just did what they needed to do to win the game and put in his best players. They just happened to be black. He is VERY humble and is a great man.
I suggest you read Glory Road which Coach Haskins himself wrote or see the movie. Both will give you a better idea about this truly significant moment in history which ofcourse,couldn't have happened without Don Haskins.
by Celest August 08, 2006
best fuckin video game, on 64 is hekka fun.
oooooooo i also like mario kart, buh mario party is betta
by Celest October 07, 2006
Sean Carter other wise known as Jay-Z,Hova,young hova,Jay-hova,S.Carter or Jigga is one of the most brilliant rappers in the history of hip hop. His endless flow, deep lyrics, and ofcourse his brillance sets him apart from the commercial and overated mainstream hip hop artists today. To me, and to many, Jay-Z's lyrics are couragess and some are just down right touching. He tells his story on a level of brilliance and meaningfullness that surpasses the crap and stupid shit people are now calling hip hop. Some people don't know what he is talking about or dont understand his lyrics but that is clearly a case of ignorance or those kinds of people just need to really listen to his lyrics although it is understandable that poeple could be baffled by his greatness and the heavyness of his words. Despite all of this, Jay-Z has maintainded a small head which he carries quite well on his shoulders. He is the current president and CEO of Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella Records. If anyone in this fucked up world has any sense he will go down in history as one of the greatist rappers that has ever walked the face of this earth.
I love Izzo,Regrets,Renegade featuring Eninem,and 99 problems. The Grey Album shows off Jay-Z's creativity and the layering of music is crazy.
by Celest August 07, 2006
for me its life, its tears, its that venom that seeps into ur skin slowly infecting every cell of your body until your taken over completly, its wat gets me up in the morning,its wat keeps me awake at nite, its the passion that keeps me living, its my coach, its the smell of the gym, the squeek of your jordans, that look on ur face wen its the forth quarter with 3 mins left only leading by 2 pts, its villanova, its wat i stay in the rain for 3 hrs for just to get that perfect jumpshot, its wat ppl say wen they walk by me practicing on my lil hoop like "damn she gud", its life.

ur rite it is life. basketball is wat drives u to greatness, is wat makes u the best person u kan be, its life.
by Celest November 30, 2006

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