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a street term meaning cocaine. mainly used by dealers or people that deal with large amounts of cocaine
sold the glock, bought some weight
Laid back, I got some money to make - Notorious BIG
by ceeee November 23, 2003
A nickname given to a person who is to much of a wanker for one dick. Multiple dickhead. Often fucks everything he touches and is basically an all round cock.
Mate: " That guys a total wanker"
Mate 2" We just call him six dicks"
by Ceeee February 23, 2015
A difficult high risk, well scoring sex move to really show a special lady you fuck well. Best performed on a couch in which the female is squashed in the corner inverted and the male performs dabbing motions straight down with her legs front and back to form an Egyptian boat.
Mate: " How was your night out with Dorothy lastnight"
Mate 2" Awesome, I fucked her all across the house and finished with an Egyptian cartwheel, she loved it"
by Ceeee February 23, 2015
An aluminum boat. Typically trailer size made of plate aluminum not some shiity pressed hull with no stringers a.k.a "a tinny".
Mate: " Should take the platey over to the boat club next week."
Mate 2: " Fuck yeah, well go bottom bashing for snapper out the front then come back and get hammered at the boat club"
by Ceeee February 21, 2015
Defined as a liquid dinner. A six pack of beer or similar alcohol products and a small meal. Such as a pie, hotdog or bag of chips Often used before a date or next weekend plan proposal with mates.
GF: "You said you were going to take me out to dinner next week not watch the game with the boys"
BF: " Yeah, come over we are having a seven course meal it will be awesome, just bring some chips."

Mate "The games on next weekend should come over for a seven course meal"
Mate 2 " Fuck yeah I'll grab a carton and there that half litre of rum from last weekend, we'll get on it."
Mate " Fuck yeah, I'm going to get grubby"
by Ceeee February 21, 2015
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