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13 definitions by cece

D.E.C. is a dummy eating chicken also known as dumb educated child.
"YO,i sweare you in D.E.C. "
by CeCe December 12, 2003
8 11
An ugly female that you ride to get out of the desert. Similar to A Moped. Be careful, as they are very protective of their rider, they will not let any other female around him for fear of losing their jockey.
Dude, I'm dying. I haven't got laid in three months.

Bro, you need a Camel to get out of the Desert!

(Next Day)--

Sweet, I got some ass last night, but now I can't get her out of my apartment.
by Cece February 15, 2005
39 46
Ze magical world of merflers.
As soon as I entered Merfle, I knew I could fly.
by Cece December 23, 2004
34 53
I. One who is:

a. An asshole
b. Annoying
c. Makes no sense at all
d. a vagina (insult)
Jimmy: I told Melissa you're gay, so she wouldn't go out with you.
Sean: WTF, you douchebag.I knew you were uncool! one
by cece December 16, 2004
26 48
Yo, that chick sho is fly!
by CeCe April 21, 2003
27 50
A pimp wannabe who think's he's black.
That guy is a Nick Carter!
by Cece April 03, 2004
104 164