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the orgasm which follows the first in a multiorgasmic woman
My girlfriend was having one moregasm after another.
by CB Smith October 26, 2004
1: erotic stimulation one receives by enlarging beyond the bounds of truth, verbal manipulation, of various combinations of these agencies
the man exaggerbates his virtues
by CB Smith October 27, 2004
1)The act of hovering over the toilet seat during defecation. Usually the result of encountering an offensive public toilet

2)The resultant pile of feces left on the back of the toilet seat during this act.
That shitter was so foul I did a hovercrap.
by CB Smith December 28, 2004
A loud,vigorous,round of sexual intercourse.
I totally did her thunderpump style.
by CB Smith October 27, 2004
a male who goes crazy over Anna Kournikova
Jim, dude. You're going totally kournicrackers over her.
by CB Smith October 26, 2004
1) To void from the bowels of Corporate America.
Personnel Notice: Failure to appear is cause to termificate.
by CB Smith December 28, 2004
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