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1. MAC is an Acronym for Money Access Center. The machine is redundant as it is in ATM machine.

2. Common term for ATM used in northeastern states and metropolitan areas.
Hey man I need to make a stop at the MAC machine before we hit up this strip club.
by Kurt91 June 15, 2004
An ATM machine. The company that maintains a lot of ATM machines in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia is called MAC. Hence, the ATMs in those areas are frequently called MAC machines.
I'm broke; before we go out let me get some cash from the MAC machine.
by MAC Diva June 16, 2004
A type of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) produced under the brand-name MAC, usually displaying this logo on the "idle" screen with each of the letters made up of smaller letters.
I have enough money but not enough cash - let me stop at the MAC machine and withdraw some.
by Shaviv June 14, 2004
A pistol like sub machine gun developed by Gordon B Ingram back in the early 70s. The gun is available in .45ACP (Mac 10) and the .380 cal (Mac 11) Both are capeable of blazing through magazines in a blink. A popular choice by gangsters for their ability to spray bullets from a car window during a drive by.
I popped that cracka wit da Mac
by XFCJ June 15, 2004
someone who hits on, or "macks it," to guys or gals often and well
"walter got three girls' numbers in one night! what a mac machine..."
by kelley June 18, 2004
Macintosh computer
Apple, Mac, ...
by SpinfulJack June 16, 2004
a pimp; a man who can get numerous girls in one night.
Billy's gotten so many girls tonight...he's a MAC machine!
by katy squared June 14, 2004

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