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4 definitions by cat-tron3000

Squeal of excitement.
winner:I win..splee!
loser:i like yogurt...
by cat-tron3000 February 02, 2008
65 24
Something that has the essence of Christmas.
That gingerbread ice cream pie was Christmasalicious!!!!
by cat-tron3000 February 20, 2008
3 1
An shorter way of saying:"What's going on".
s'goin on!

not much.
by cat-tron3000 February 02, 2008
12 10
an emo who is belemic. some puke in 'secret' and others are uber annoying and brag about it all day.
bulemo over toilet:*pukeing*
bulemo to emo freak group:i just puked again...I'll be wearing those EXTRA skinny jeans in no time.you know, those jeans that fit a pole.
emo freaks:*2 busy cutting wrists 2 care*
by cat-tron3000 February 09, 2008
5 4