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something that sucks and can lose good friends (which sucks even more) easily and all yall niggas that think this shit is the best thing in the world yer all fuckin crazy ass panzies, FUCK YOU!!!!!
person 1: (just broke up witha fuckin skank ass hoe who is no good who brainwashed him to love her a long time, get her gifts, and talk like a fuckin panzie too her)

Person 2 (best friend): yo, whats wrong

Person 1: fuck you!!!!! get the fuck away from me!!!!!

(isnt that grimey?.....true story)

by cashmoneydon February 25, 2007
instead of bills its coins
nigga 1: yo, you got any cashmoney on you

nigga 2: no, i only got a few quarters, change money!
by cashmoneydon February 25, 2007
a nigga is:

1. Any random person


2. A brotha, homie, close friend
person 1: yo look at these dumb ass niggas thinkin they coo

person 2. lets go show them they aint

Person 1. aight
You and ya boyz

by cashmoneydon February 25, 2007
just another term for the word money, its a more new, ghetto, updated, and advanced version of it, HOLLA ATCHA BOY!
person 1: yo what up nigga, can ya hang out

person 2: ahhh na man i gotta go do my job

person 3: ahhh ya gettin the cashmoney dollars!

person 2: ahhh hell yeah nigga!!!
by cashmoneydon February 26, 2007
a new and more advanced word for a chinese person or any other person with slits for eyes, because basically theres no difference
person 1: (is hanging out with person 2)

person 2: yo look at that fuckin chino thinkin hes all gangsta an shit

person 1: well lets go show em and all the otha niggas that snakes aint mo gansta than whites

person2: yeah.....i hate tha fact that they think they are
by cashmoneydon February 26, 2007
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