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The absolute best, most reliable, and all around excellent cars ever produced. Honda has a well-established reputation for being the most reliable car producer in the world, recognized by Consumer Reports magazine, with Toyota in second. These cars, when maintained, will outlive everything. Multiple engine and body upgrades are available at many places. Call it bias, but I would argue that the Honda Accord is the best car ever made, simply because of its longevity, its v-tec engine, its driver comfort and passenger room, handling, transmission, universiality, and ease of engine and performance upgrades.
" I have a Honda Accord, with 142,000 miles and its still kickin'"
by Cartmaniac July 06, 2009
In Short: The really muscular naked blue guy from Watchmen

In Long: A normal man, exposed to radiation by accident one day at work at an army base. His body was torn apart, literally. But he was able to rebuild himself piece by piece. He is America's greatest weapon because he has a high level of radiation surrounding him, and can disintegrate his enemies on contact. He wore clothes twice in the movie "Watchmen". All the other times, he was naked, and nobody seemed to mind, or even notice. Just see the movie, it explains alot of stuff.
Dr Manhattan: "The existence of human life is a highly overrated phenomenon"
by Cartmaniac July 24, 2009
Quite literally a genius.
He is the lead singer of Tool. Keenan is ranked with Marilyn Manson in terms of musical talent, ability to write and perform music successfully, and to the untrained eye and ear, creepiness. If anyone needs any proof that James Maynard Keenan is a genius, simply listen to these songs:

Wings For Marie
10,000 Days (Wings pt 2)
The Pot

But most importantly:

Lateralus was written in an unusual way. It was written so that the lyrics begin at 1 minute 38 seconds. This is equal to what is known as the Golden Ratio, which is 1.618. It is the most pleasing number to the human eye and has been seen in nature. The lyrics follow the Fibbonacci Sequence, which has also been seen in nature, although it is not certain why.
James Maynard Keenan is a genius
by Cartmaniac August 06, 2009
Theyre not one of the best industrial metal bands to come into existence.

They are THE best industrail metal bands to come into existence.

They began in Cleveland Ohio, where most fans are located, however, the well-versed metal heads of other areas may be familiar with works such as:

12 Hundred




Damage Done

Destroy The World Around Me

Born Of Desire

These Filthy Hands

Nowhere to Go


...and the list goes on
They are commonly called a Slipknot knockoff by ignorant losers who like shitty metal like Linkin Park and who are too lazy to actually visit the bands website and see that Mushroomhead was formed almost 5 years before Slipknot, had a more theatrical concert compilation and performance than Slipknot and continued writing songs that would please their fans, rather than try to get radio time like Slipknot. They are an amazing band any self-respecting metal head should listen to.
Dude did, you know Mushroomhead has never had a concert near Florida and that "The Cartmaniac" is pissed about it?
by Cartmaniac June 22, 2009
pronounced: Ha-rum-bee

Not just a saying but a way of life. Seen on the boondocks, it is what a tribe in Africa shouts when victorious over an enemy. They raise their right fist in the air and shout "HARUMBI!!!!" Groups of people here and there have adopted the phrase into everyday vernacular, showing triumph over a challenge or victory over an enemy. Can also be used to show that you are invincible or strong beyond strong.
After the african tribesman defeated his worthy opponent, he raised his right fist and shouted "HARUMBI!" to show his glorious triumph.

"7 on 1 Call of Duty? Bring it, I got that Harumbi strength."
by Cartmaniac June 26, 2009
The absolute most fucking intense thrash/speed/death metal band ever to come to life. They have appeared many times on MTVs Viva La Bam and Headbangers Ball, along with Guitar Hero 3 with their (in)famous hit "Raining Blood" and GH Metallica with "War Ensamble".

I cant give what I say next any real credibilty, but it would be FUCKING AWESOME. I have been told that their name is an acronym that is as follows



Spelling out Slayer.
" Trapped in purgatory, a lifeless object alive, awaiting reprisal, death will be their aquantance. The skys turning red, return to power draws near, fall into me the skys crimson tears, abolish the rules made of stone. Pierced from below, souls of my treacherous past, betrayed by many, now ornaments dripping above... Awaiting the hour of reprisal, your time slips away.
Raining Blood
from a lacerated sky
bleeding its horror
creating my structure

Slayer- Raining Blood
by Cartmaniac June 23, 2009
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