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pronounced: Ha-rum-bee

Not just a saying but a way of life. Seen on the boondocks, it is what a tribe in Africa shouts when victorious over an enemy. They raise their right fist in the air and shout "HARUMBI!!!!" Groups of people here and there have adopted the phrase into everyday vernacular, showing triumph over a challenge or victory over an enemy. Can also be used to show that you are invincible or strong beyond strong.
After the african tribesman defeated his worthy opponent, he raised his right fist and shouted "HARUMBI!" to show his glorious triumph.

"7 on 1 Call of Duty? Bring it, I got that Harumbi strength."
by Cartmaniac June 26, 2009
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derogative word for black people,
all the harumbis were hanging around thecorner
by chuck bronco March 31, 2008
A girl with a big butt thats kind of cottage cheese like
Damn that girl has a Harumbi
by notthisagain February 17, 2010

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