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14 definitions by carly wild

When you stick your dick in someone's ass by "accident."
My girlfriend wants to stay a virgin until marriage so I gave her The Alabama Slip instead.
by Carly Wild July 10, 2008
Someone who is a snake and a diva, also known as a Samuel Betty.
The only reason you make so much commission is that you are a sniva and no one is willing to put up with your 'tude.
by Carly Wild January 15, 2009
Dope and/or sick. Hot off the market.
I saw a hella sick Lamborghini today. That shit was hella clean.
by Carly Wild June 25, 2009
A blow job
My flipapaynyo girlfriend is aight. She can't speak English for shit but gives great j bizzle.
by Carly Wild July 16, 2008
Ghetto slang for Filapino. Pronounced Flip-a-payne-yo
My girlfriend's flipapaynyo and can't speak English for shit but gives great head!
by Carly Wild July 16, 2008
A catchphrase used to rub one's success in an enemies' nose.
Pitcher: "I should have known better than to throw him a fast ball right down the middle of the plate."

Batter: " That's what happens !"
by Carly Wild February 12, 2009
Hurry the fuck up in "Japanese"
Hubba hubba wakee saa ! My vagina is starting to resemble the mohave desert.
by Carly Wild January 29, 2009