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When you get a green liquid mess such as kiwi juice, pea soup, wheat grass shot, etc. on the front of your nice, clean, starched shirt.
Bob: "What the fuck is on the front of your shirt?!"
Sue: "It's alien jizz... after being anally probed, the Martian men decided to use my shirt as a cum rag, tastes delicious!"
by Carly Wild June 19, 2008
When you stick your dick in someone's ass by "accident."
My girlfriend wants to stay a virgin until marriage so I gave her The Alabama Slip instead.
by Carly Wild July 10, 2008
Dope and/or sick. Hot off the market.
I saw a hella sick Lamborghini today. That shit was hella clean.
by Carly Wild June 25, 2009
Someone who is a snake and a diva, also known as a Samuel Betty.
The only reason you make so much commission is that you are a sniva and no one is willing to put up with your 'tude.
by Carly Wild January 15, 2009
The stupidest saying in the entire world and so less cool than that's real. Also shortened to "right?" because the proles who chose to use this word and too lazy to use proper English.
Jack: Dude, I just got a 50 percent on my math quiz.

Jackie: I know, right?

Jack: Wait, what?

by Carly Wild March 20, 2009
A catchphrase used to rub one's success in an enemies' nose.
Pitcher: "I should have known better than to throw him a fast ball right down the middle of the plate."

Batter: " That's what happens !"
by Carly Wild February 12, 2009
Ghetto slang for Filapino. Pronounced Flip-a-payne-yo
My girlfriend's flipapaynyo and can't speak English for shit but gives great head!
by Carly Wild July 16, 2008
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