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Marlboro Full Flavor Cigarettes/ Marlboro Reds. Given name cause of old ads with the "Marlboro Man", a cowboy who smokes Marlboros.
Kid 1: got smokes?

Kid 2: yea cowboy killers
by carlbittner October 25, 2008
huge pistol of some sort I.E. .44 mag, .454 casull, .50AE, .500 S&W
guy #1: check this piece out

guy#2: holy shit that things a fucking handcannon!!
by carlbittner October 25, 2008
1. The number that is after 44 and before 46

2. A Colt 1911 .45ACP. Despite only holding 7 or 8 rds, the 45 is like twice as powerful as a 9mm, even if the bullet is slower. Usually a term only given to a colt because most other .45ACP guns look like 9mms at a glance
Dude: Im gonna put a 45 in that asshole if he dont watch
by carlbittner October 25, 2008
An abbreviation for the IMI Desert Eagle made famous in Hitman 2. Large Israeli made pistol that fires .50AE, .44 Mag or .357 Mag out of 7, 8 or 9 round mags. Unpopular with Military and Police cause of Enormous recoil and high cost.
I killed some fat fuck with my deagle yesterday
by carlbittner October 25, 2008
a .38 special revolver, used widely by police as a service revolver from about 1905 to roughly the mid '80s. Never cought on with Army cause .38 is usually found in revolvers(something army didnt want) and isnt all that powerful
Inmate 1:that copper got me wit his 38

Inmate 2: that sucks
by carlbittner October 25, 2008
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