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except not or except I didn’t – ph. (best defined by examples)
example: “I finished my project, except not.”
translation: (a) I finished writing my paper but still have to write my speech. (b) I finished my speech but still have to write my paper. (c) All I have left to do is practice my speech. (d) I’m all done except for finding props. (e) etc.
example: “I’m taking band next year, except not.”
translation: (a) I’m only taking a semester of band. (b) I got stuck in the freshmen class. (c) I’m not in band class but I’m marching. (d) etc.
example: “I ate breakfast this morning, except not.”
translation: (a) I ate half a piece of toast for breakfast. (b) I ate during homeroom. (c) I ate and found out later it wasn’t breakfast. (d) etc.
note: “except not” phrases are almost always followed by an explanation.
by cardenio April 06, 2005
hawt – adj. Trying very hard but completely failing at making yourself physically attractive, especially in front of a camera. Modern English: hot > Old English > hát
aren't these pictures on my livejournal so hawt?
by cardenio April 06, 2005
freshman – n. Annoying person who doesn’t know their way around, thinks they know everything, or can’t respect the rules of seniority. Often a ninth-grader.
I know you were here last year. You're still a freshman!
by cardenio April 06, 2005

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