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Female with large breasts, usually the cause of car accidents, neck cricks and walking into walls.
Seeing the group of busty girls with barely there bikinis on the beach, we knew why guys loved this place.
by CaptainMarvel March 22, 2004
The US Army's finest and most dangerous.
Rangers lead the way!
by CaptainMarvel February 27, 2004
1.) A cocktail consisting of whiskey (traditionally rye), sweet vermouth and a dash of Angostura bitters. Garnish with a cherry if desired.

2.) Borough of NYC considered the center of the universe with its diverse collection of ethnicities, areas, foods, etc.
Manhattan-greatest town on Earth and a damn fine cocktail too.
by CaptainMarvel March 22, 2004
United States Air Force. Proud owners of the F-22 Raptor, the B-1 bomber and my favorite, the A-10 Thunderbolt (flying tank killer). The world's finest air force.
USAF-No one comes close.
by captainmarvel September 11, 2004
City in northeast NJ. AKA Chilltown JC.
Where you from?
Chilltown JC kid!
by captainmarvel April 08, 2004
Underappreciated but valuable branch of the military. Can also destroy the known world when properly outfitted (ie: nukes).
Britain ruled the seas, but America owns the skies.
by CaptainMarvel February 27, 2004
The US Air Force's go anywhere, rescue anyone unit. Consider them EMTs with heavy weaponry.
Motto: These things we do that others may live
by CaptainMarvel February 27, 2004

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