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The state a ginger-haired person finds themself in when they have dyed their hair a non-ginger colour. They have become Ungingerified.
Molly Ungingerified herself by dyeing her hair brown. She's no longer a ginger ninja.
#ginger #dye #cosmetics #un #hair #hair dye
by Captain Capable October 18, 2011
When a seriously bored individual spends hours doing nothing but looking through facebook, to the point of madness or suicide, whichever comes first.
X: "Have you seen Andy? I swear he's spent four hours on facebook! Hasn't he got better things to do?"
Y: "Oh you know how he is, probably just having another Facebook slog"
#boredom #facebook #social networking #internet #wasted life
by Captain Capable July 12, 2011
1) Someone who is sexually attracted to cats (see Catophile).

2) Someone who is obsessed with cats so much that they feel the need to constantly make references to them.
1) Felineophile Human: 'Woah! Look at that kitty struttin' over there, what a sexy tiger MRAOW! :D'
Kitty: 'Miaow? :S'

2) Sally: 'Don't you just wish we had tails just like cats do? Wouldn't that just be like soo cool?'
Molly: 'Err, yeah, sure Sally...'
Sally: 'You know I just love cats, right? If I get reincarnated, I wanna become a cat!'
Molly: '...'
#catophile #felinophile #cat obsessed #anthropomorphic #cat obsession
by Captain Capable June 11, 2011
Not giving a shit about what other people think of you as you move you body gracefully (or not so gracefully) rhythmically to the beat of music. Often done at parties, discos, etc... Can be done on one's own but is more fun done in pairs or in groups.
Man that party was CRAZY! We were dancing all night and all mornin'!
#music #move #song #rhythm #freedom #expression
by Captain Capable May 30, 2012
To process in batch the sending of multiple birthday wishes to one's external friends on facebook.
Ah, look: I have EIGHT friends with birthdays today...
Hmm, looks like its time for a bit of birthday greeting batch processing...
*Copies and pastes the same text: "Happy Birthday have a great day! :)" into every 'say happy birthday' box*
#batch #facebook #repettition #birthday #shell prompt
by Captain Capable August 15, 2012
The opposite to the British slang term 'fresh' - A person who, having come from another country to the Uk and being seen as 'fresh' has since adopted to the customs, habits, dialects etc of that particular region.
- Your grandma's from Nigeria? Is she fresh?

- Nah she's been living here quite a while, she's stale now.


- I lost my strong Dutch accent after spending 10 years in England.
#fresh #culture shock #immigration #nationality #citizenship
by Captain Capable September 18, 2011
One of the weapons of mass-torture (WMT) that teachers have up their sleeves, only useful if you wanna become an engineer or doctor or something fancy like that. Maths is known to bore the poor students who study it to the point of depression-induced suicide. It can pay the bills though.
I plan to become an artist so I don't see how studying Maths at A-level will do me any good.
#mathematics #math #school #students #boredom #suicidal depression
by Captain Capable July 18, 2011
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