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Describing a woman from interior/northern Alaska who lets all of her hair grow out and often has impaired bathing skills.
"Did you meet any chicks at the bar last night?"
"Nope, just a bunch of Tundra Wookies, they need a shaving and a bathing"
by CapnGrumpy October 04, 2005
An imported liquid that is available usually in Unleaded, Plus, and Super. The price of arab juice is determined by corrupt politicians.
We are killing people in the middle east to try and get more arab juice for ourselves.
by capngrumpy May 06, 2006
A person who professes superior self knowledge but really has only a limited and/or skewed grasp of any subject. These people often float from the bottom of the turd bowl in the form of a middle manager. Fuck-wit detection is fairly easy after about 30 seconds of conversation.
Me: "The problem is the third party vendor for product A, they are recalling their product from this particulat LOT"
Fuck-wit: "Well we are not buying from product A any more"
Me: "Um, well it is not their fault, their vendor is recalling the component"
Fuck-wit, "I can't understand the bad business practices of Product A that they would buy bad components"
Me: "Um, they did not buy bad components on purpose, that is why they are replacing the component for free"
by capngrumpy November 07, 2005
A cold lesbian, more specifically, a lesbian Eskimo.
She only takes the leather leggings off for Sally, she must be a Klondyke.
by capngrumpy June 06, 2006
A form of snowballing where the recipient of the snowball then deposits the output into the rectum of the ejaculator.
The drown the gerbil was successful when fluffy stopped tickling.
by Capngrumpy January 14, 2006
The event that occurs when your sphincter and your stomach simultaneously contract so violently that you have to make the ill fated descision of whether you have to poop or vomit more at that moment. Inevitably you end up doing both at the same time which is so embarrassing that regardless of your age a call to you mom is placed.
Last night I drank so much that I ended vooping in my girlfriend's parent's toilet and tub. Twenty minutes later my mom showed up with a towel ... why won't she call back?
by capngrumpy January 01, 2006
A theological discussion between a man and a woman which truns into the man comming out on top. 'Oh God! Yes! Oh God, please! ...'
Me: We had a nice long discussion about religion last night.

Friend: Oh, you mean a dickscussion
by capngrumpy December 15, 2005

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