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VERB; the act of smoking the incense spice you get at smoke shops. e.g k2, or C4. The word refers to that heavy feeling you get when you smoke the spice and you feel like your whole body is drooping. Can also be used as an adjective (drooped) or a noun (Droop).
dude 1: dude, wanna smoke some dro?
dude 2: Naw im droopin, i got a drug test comin up.
dude 1: damn you look high as fuck!
dude 2: man im drooped.
by camfletch November 10, 2010
to be under the influence of alcohol, and marijuana at the same time or as some would say stoned and drunk.

-being under the influence of any other drug does not count as being 'glitched'

-and you can only be glitched if you are under the influence of alcohol and marijuana at the SAME TIME.

-you cant just take one hit and be a little buzzed to be glitched, you have to be drunk off your ass and baked out of your fucking mind.
dude 1: you tryin to drive me to the 7/11 for some munchies?

dude 2: naww man i cant im glitched as fuuuck.

(we dont support drunk driving EVER!!!)
by camfletch November 03, 2010
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