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(Also spelled eemy g, or emey g) is a highly intellectual sounding form of the word email.
Hey John, I sent you that emee g yesterday, did you get it?

Did you receive that emee g I composed toward you?
by camelliott January 01, 2009
a highly elite form of the prestigious game of pingpong, otherwise knownith as the old english highly elite game of table tennis. Usually played in the inner common dungeonous room of the king.
Hey Billybob, do you want to play a nice, ye old game of pingy g?

the shire is holding a game of pingy g down in the courtyard of the abode sir. Would your magistrate allow such humbleith of me to accompany such pingy g as of this.
by camelliott December 28, 2008
A car containing a 4 cylinder engine or V4 engine, translated into veefee g.
Hey, is your car a V2, veefee g, V6, V8, or V12? I think it is a veefee g.

John: haha your car is weak because its only a veefee g cylinder engine.
by camelliott January 02, 2009
one who paintballs in full attire appropriate for a king. Also, one who aims his or her paintball gun at his team mates head without shooting it, just to scare the beegeebeez out of his team mate.
Hey John, last time we went paintballing, you acted like a peebee g and wore king-like clothes to the paintball field.

John, stop aiming that gun at my head, I am on your team, stop being a peebee g!!!!!!!!
by camelliott January 02, 2009
When playing a ye old game of "pingy g", also known as table tennis or ping pong, it is someone who returns an epic serve by his or her opponent thus winning that round of "pingy g".
Hey John, I just did a very fast and swift serve and you, being the returny g that you are, returned it back even though I was positive you would miss and therefore one this round! Good Job!

Bob: OHH, did you see that serve I just did! It was so epic!

John: Yeah it was good, but I just returned it!

Bob: Wow, look-ee here, we have a returny g in the house!
by camelliott January 01, 2009
(pronounced beejeebeez); when one startles the other so intensly, that literally, his buttox becomes pried out of his glutious maximus, thus lacking a buttox like figure in the household.
Holy CRAP! you scared the beegeebeez out of me, and now, because of you, I am lacking a buttox like figurine.

Bob, you nearly pried the buttox off of my glutious maximus, Ill have to sue you in small claims court because I now lack my buttox figurine.
by camelliott March 21, 2009
A car fabricated, produced and sold by Lamborghini, otherwise known as the Lamborghini Aventador.
Look behind you, theres an aventy g behind us! Such a beautiful car!

Bob: Hey Jorge, watch that man in the aventy g floor it and go from 0-60 miles per hour in a very short amount of time!

Jorge: You're right Bob, I see it!
by camelliott August 30, 2012

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