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Slang for a mild tasting or low alcohol beer.
Drinking most American beers is like sex in a canoe... fucking close to water!
by cambot October 19, 2007
to have a penis that is very short and very thick.
Dave has a penis that is only 1 inch long, yet it is 9 inches wide. His friends laugh and say, "Oh that Dave! He is hung like a discus". They also call him a 'fagatron'.
by cambot October 19, 2007
pasta for gay men. pasta for poofters.
Robert and Ryan indulged in a bowl of faghetti before bedtime.
by cambot October 20, 2007
The embarrassing situation when one (or both) of your testicles hang loose from your baggy fitting shorts or underwear, esp. in public.
Little did David know, as he posed for the family photograph, that his showtum was exposed for all to see. A passing cockglancer could hardly believe his luck!
by cambot May 17, 2008

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