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The slight moaning sound a man makes while receiving a hummer.
There's no more musical sound than that of a hummer accompanied by a hummeroo.
by calmling December 30, 2007
1. Going out with a large group of individuals in hopes of landing any one of them, or all of them.

2. A date in which several single parties are involved.
"I'm going out with Ted, Bob, Phil, and Maury tonight. I love me a good gangdate," said Ethel.
by calmling March 31, 2009
An adult who fancies Harry Potter.
Joe is always playing with his Nimbus 2000, he is such a Potterast
by calmling March 31, 2009
In an online conversation, when the majority of someone's responses to you consist of them typing LOL or they use the term so often that it becomes akin to punctuation.
Yo man, check out this lolversation I had.

Tom: And I put the hat on the kid's head and called him captain.
Anna: lol
Tom: It was a good time.
Anna: lol
Anna: sounds like it lol
Tom: What are you doing tonight?
Anna: I'm going to a party
Anna: lol
by calmling January 23, 2010

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