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Its a marihuana ciggarrete (joint)known by this name in the island of Hawaii, Paka stands for Cigarrette and Lolo for crazy .
Lets go blaze that pakalolo bro and get sky high .
by Cada420 May 03, 2007
1) Hogsbreath the marijuana strain, very good sativa, top quality in Cali.....
2) someone who smokes 2 much marijuana. see Burnt torched
3) A slang or dub for Marijuana name ex( dope, ganja,shiva, budha)
1) "Man check that kid out there, hes got that new weed breed, its called Hogsbreath, its hella dank........"
2)Stoner1: Wassssup bre, how u been
collie man: dont bugg me dude, im hitting the bong and passing that blunt .... we chiefin onzes kid....
by cada420 September 04, 2009
The 2 minutes you sleep while being at work and then realizing you cant sleep at this time.....
Usually after lunch...... it kicks right in
office man#1: zzZZzzzzZZzz

office man #2: Dude ur in a deep work dream....
office man #1: oh s1ht .... man
by cada420 April 29, 2010
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