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1) Hogsbreath the marijuana strain, very good sativa, top quality in Cali.....
2) someone who smokes 2 much marijuana. see Burnt torched
3) A slang or dub for Marijuana name ex( dope, ganja,shiva, budha)
1) "Man check that kid out there, hes got that new weed breed, its called Hogsbreath, its hella dank........"
2)Stoner1: Wassssup bre, how u been
collie man: dont bugg me dude, im hitting the bong and passing that blunt .... we chiefin onzes kid....
by cada420 September 04, 2009
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An American themed family restaurant with 18 hour slow cooked steaks and good waitresses.
Jordan: 'Man, I could really go for a great steak.'
Brad: 'Lets go down to Hogs Breath Cafe.'
by Blossem January 06, 2012
A combination of uncooked heroin (black tar), any sort/assortment of cough syrups and liquid codines, sprite, and cheap grain alcohol or a 40 ounce of lager. Popularized by Darel and Jareem those guys with gold teeth and cornrows on front street.

Hogzbref? Dat ol' block shit we be sippin on. Mix of cooked up H, sizzurp, somma dat 40? Yo afta dis shit some old bitch be waking me up in a subway, my eyes rolled back n shit, cooked up nigga, get you fucked up.
by Big Dada Man Son July 11, 2011
(synonym of ditchpig) a friend of the common "ditchpig" who is equally as disgusting, slutty, smelly, and acts almost identical, except for the tiny difference that she is a very miniscule bit uglier than the "ditchpig"
Bob: You see that disgusting girl over there?

Dan: You mean that hogsbreath?

Bob: Yeah

Dan: Well, at least she ain't a ditchpig
by WOOP WOOP!!!!! December 07, 2010
A dispicable person.
That hog's breath deserves to be kicked in the ass.
by Light Joker September 10, 2004

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