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A member of the ruling class; a very posh person.
Aristocrats are very easy to identify - the men look like inbred halfwits and the women look like horses.
Hated by everyone, even only slightly less posh people.
Charles is an aristocrat, as is Camay or Camisole or whatever her name is. Soon we will all be their subjects.
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
Very recently the practice of deliberately selecting annoying or extreme music on an mp3 jukebox to cause irritation to others has become known as Wyatting. This is a reference to prog/artrock musician Robert Wyatt and his 'Dondestan' album, typical of the kind of record a Wyatter would choose. It is generally agreed that the most effective music for Wyatting is that of US avant-garde quasi-operatic vocalist Diamanda Galas. Other common choices include the most well known exponents of free-jazz, improv/noise music and euro-prog-metal, though the latter is chosen because it is considered naff, uncool and embarassing, not because it has the effect normally required of music regarded as good for Wyatting.
Some idiot's Wyatting, this is the second no-wave record in a row.
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
Formerly known as getting drunk/hammered/bladdered/legless etc etc. The media's precise reason for their re-branding of this age-old practice remains unclear.
Newspaper headline: Binge drinking on the increase in under 30s.
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
Rockism is essentially a prejudiced attitude to any form of popular music that doesn't conform to the values of rock music (in the most narrow and conventional sense of the term.) The most obvious example of this is the tendency of middle-aged fans of 'classic rock' to describe any music that involves the overt use of electronic instruments as not 'real music'.
Do you really think Jethro Tull are better than Kraftwerk, or is it just rockism?
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
West Midlands slang word for rockers, bikers, greasers etc. In the late 1980s it was used by the UK music press to refer to a specific scene centered around the bands Pop Will Eat Itself and Crazyhead. The term never found favour with readers of 'the inkies' (Sounds, Melody Maker and the still extant NME) and was soon dropped. Now often used in predominantly working-class areas of the midlands and the north to mean someone who listens to rock-derived music and/or dresses in a manner that suggests they affiliate themselves with rock music of some kind.
Some grebo passed with Sabbath playing on his stereo.
The Poppies are at no. 17? God, a grebo band in the charts!
They're playing nu-metal now, bloody grebos!
by cactuscat September 15, 2006
Lancashire dialect word, only ever used light-heartedly as a very mild insult. Pronounced 'wazzock' rather than with an 's' sound. Once famously appeared on a hit record by Tony Capstick, giving it a brief period of popularity with schoolkids, including me, but now only uttered without a degree of irony by coffin dodgers.
No, you wassock, I said Settle, not Seattle!
by cactuscat September 14, 2006
The white gluey stuff you used to use in 'arts and crafts' at primary school. No good for sniffing, very good for sticking bog roll tubes onto washing-up liquid bottles (remember to empty them first and get your mum's permission, not your dad's, it has to be your mum's). Probably not still available, like free milk at breaktime and golden nuggets.
teacher: let's make a spaceship by sticking all this rubbish together with marvin medium.
pupil: let's humour the silly cow.
other pupils: like we have a choice.
by cactuscat September 17, 2006

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